Consultation Services

The opportunity to learn and grow sometimes comes with a cost. I’m sure that statement holds true for a lot of us. For others, you may be hoping to eliminate that heartbreak or minimize the consequences of not acting on taking that leap into the natural world, or admitting you may have a behavior issue with your dog and just don’t know where to turn.

I have been through all of that and I would love to help ease your fears and insecurities by guiding you on to a different path. My experiences with feeding raw food, nutritional supplements and behavior counselling reach back over 25+ years. Feeding raw food, co-existing in a multi-pet household and utilizing the benefits of homeopathy on a day-to-day basis is not just a means to make a living, but rather how I live my life every day. Passing along that information to educate and empower others to take more control of their pet’s health, physiological and psychological well-being is very important to me. To help pets live longer, drug free lives so that their guardians may have as much time with them as possible is what I want for myself and anyone else with the same goal.

Note:  Any supplements recommended in consultations are not included in the fees.

Nutrition Plan | $50

I will design a plan based on your pet'"s nutritional status (age, weight) and include exact amounts of the product(s) you will need for the month and a budget.  Subsequent pets will be half the cost.

Consultation fee will be waived if a minimum of $60.00 (before taxes) is purchased from the nutritional products that I carry.

Brief Immune Boosting Consultation $35

There are times in your pet's lives where a stressful situation can upset their immune system and homeopathic supplements can help put your pet's body back into a state of homeostasis. 

A 15 minute consultation to determine the right supplement from natural sources may be all it takes to bring your pet back to a state of balance.

Holistic Lifestyle Plan $150

Do you want to know how to raise your pet with natural supplements?

Let me teach you how to start a new pet (puppy, kitten, rabbit, foal) with the proper nutrition, the correct supplements to have on hand for certain situations that may arise.  Older pets may be started on a cleaner living path at any time.  

It's never too late to as Mother Nature for her help!

Behavioral consultations $200

Do you have a new puppy or kitten and want to set up boundaries to prevent behavior issues from arising?  Do you want to learn some positive methods for instilling those boundaries that can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle plan to ensure your pet grows up respecting and trusting humans and other creatures in the home?

I will help you set up rules and boundaries and obedience commands in a positive setting in your own home.  I will show you how to begin working with your pet to become the respected leader while instilling respect and trust in the relationship.  It is not possible to be a respected leader if you don't give it first.

My philosophy is based on setting rules first, teaching what the rules are, following through with the rules and rewarding appropriately.

Rasing pets is no different than raising children; they just think differently.  Life is based on choices and consequences to those choices.  I raise my pets that way.  

Mini Behavior Consultation $75

Need some guidance on how to set up a boundary plan for a new pet? Sometimes experienced people get stuck in a situation that they can't quite figure out so getting pointed in the right direction can be a great help.  Things seem so complicated when you are in the thick of things but that other outside perspective may be all it takes for things to make sense again!

I can give you some basic instructions with a written plan that will be emailed to you; specific to your situation.  This will be a 30 minute consult over the phone.

Follow Up Consultations $35-$50

Brief discussion regarding the progress you and your pet are making.  Can be in regards to nutrition, the supplement plan or behavior issues.

The first 15 minutes is $35 and 30 minutes is $50.